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About Us Medividia

Medividia was born as a response to the increasing need for medical simulations, either for product development support or for device selection/implantation selection.

Medividia focuses on FSI, CFD & FEA simulations including further multiphysics aspects. Its customers and solutions fall into the following categories:

  • A biomedical engineer responsible to conduct simulation tasks to support R&D and product development
    • Medical simulations may be difficult and cumbersome. Medividia will discover your challenges and work with you and your team to pilot a simulation solution. Following the pilot work, Medividia will help with the technology and knowledge transfer (software & simulation approach) and address the challenges in-house.
  • A spin-off or a start-up which has a novel product, intending to decrease time to market
    • As a spin-off or start-up, your organization may not have simulation engineers and software to be able to test your device in-silico. In this case, Medividia can help establish testing routines for a particular device or disease scenario, either as an isolated device simulation, or as a patient specific/averaged human model simulation. These allow for further device or implantation optimization, thus making your animal trial calendar and time to market shorter.
  • A cardiologist or a medical professional looking for an in-silico solution to foresee the outcomes of a particular intervention
    • At Medividia, we believe that in order to efficiently use medical simulations at hospital level; medical professionals, cardiologists and simulation engineers should be able to create a common langage. We work with hospitals to establish standardized simulation setups addressing a particular physiology (?). This does not rule decision making; however, supports medical professionals to the best extent in this process. An example to this could be the investigation of the optimum deployment location of a particular heart valve replacement.

Furthermore, through its wide partner network, Medividia will be able to go beyond abovementioned spectrum and provide the support that a particular problem necessitates. Either a simulation supported bench test or animal trial of a medical device, we can take the lead.

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